A Better Way to Serve You Great Content

Generally, most of you as the website owner find some troubles on how to maximize your website since you never know who is visiting and what they are doing on your website

What is website Tracking?

  • Website tracking is practiced with the data which collected from the visitor’s behavior on our website. From this, you can gain insight to your insight, behavior and preferences.
  • Website Tracking is a better way to maximize you website. With this system you will get more than maximize. Since, you will get the information about your visitor’s habit on your website. Therefore, your website will serve specific content into specific visitor

How it works ?

The visitor visit your website and then the system will identify the visitor’s profile and match the visitor’s data with the campaigns or promos that is still running based on the visitor’s last activities on your website

What Is The Benefit From Website Tracking System?

Website Tracking For Your Ecommerce?

With website tracking, you can monetize and maximize your market products to the most relevant visitors on your website


How speed the visitor scrolls

The movement of the visitor’s mouse on website

How long the visitor on website

The frequency of visitor will return to our website